Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Our Fresh Produce Stand

     Having little ones running around the house, requesting snacks on an hourly basis, made me want to find something for our kitchen that, not only offered my children healthy choices but was also at their level, making it easier for them pick and choose selections on their own. While perusing Pinterest a while back, I came across an adorable Produce Stand. "What a great idea!" I thought to myself and I reached out to the Pin owner to find out how their stand was made. Believe it or not, the body of the stand was a quilt rack!! Isn't that hysterical?! People are always looking to get rid of things like that so I just needed to get my hands on an old, unused quilt rack...

     ...well, that eventually proved to be easier said than done, so I eventually found someone on Pinterest that makes their own quilt racks. In communicating with this individual, I explained what I was hoping to do with their quilt rack and the gentleman offered to try his best at attempting to replicate my Pinterest find and this is his finished product:

     I could NOT be happier!! I located 6 similar baskets, to those seen on the original stand, at Big Lots and VOILA! Every week I restock our stand with fresh, healthy options for our children. Our town also has a weekly Farmer's Market that allows me to support local farmers so I see it as a win-win in my book. Hopefully in the upcoming year, I can plant our own fruit trees on our property making our Produce stand even easier to fill. Stay tuned...

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  1. I always love home or farm grown fruits and vegetables. They taste far more better than the one we purchase from market. You are so lucky to have fresh vegetables and fruits.