Monday, March 13, 2017

My Middle Man


     I still remember, like it was yesterday, the absolute excitement and pure shock we experienced the second we found out we were expecting a baby boy. After the arrival of our daughter, Ken and I simply didn't think we would ever have a boy. As the ultrasound technician was moving the wand over my stomach, taking her required measurements, my eyes were glued to that screen. Nothing in this world could've forced my eyes away from my baby. That's the true magic in ultrasounds, to me; they're the first glimpse at my precious babies...even before I lay eyes on them in the flesh. That monitor allows me a tiny glimpse at the little person growing within me. 

     As I watched that tiny little baby, bouncing away, my eyes took in everything. The baby was literally a little jumping bean: somersaulting, kicking, and karate chopping away. I'd never seen anything like it before. My daughter was always a sleepy, lazy little thing in utero. Suddenly, my eyes saw something it hadn't noticed before...was that a third leg? Did my baby have 3 legs?!?!...Suddenly the sound of my own booming voice shook me from my confusion: "Is that a penis in my stomach?" The ultrasound technician laughed and confirmed what I saw. Benjamin Mark would be the first boy on my mom's side of the family in 75 years!! 

     That little boy was born on Easter Sunday March 31, 2013. He was the best Easter present we could've given our daughter; a precious baby brother. He is truly the light of my life. He has the most beautiful dimples and, let me tell you, when that kid flashes his award-winning smile, people swoon, literally swoon, over him. His hysterical sense of humor mimicks his father and I's; at times it's sarcastic, at other times gross, and sometimes it's just downright comical. 

     He's truly his mother's child. Besides looking so much like me, he also has such a kind, sweet, gentle side, as well. He inherited my sensitivity big time. Whenever I have to remind him to use his listening ears, walking feet, or gentle touches, he either bursts into tears or storms off to his room, leaving the words "I'm calling the po-lice on you, Mom!" in his wake. Go ahead, little man, you call the men in blue. A night in jail sans kids actually sounds like a mini-vacation ha! I'll take it. 

     I'm convinced that he's an old soul in a little boy's body. From the moment I laid eyes on him, he took my breath away. My Papa Jack (maternal grandfather) passed away before my children were ever given the chance to meet him, something I struggle with almost every day, and there was and always has been an undeniable resemblance between my first son and my Papa. He has his nose, mouth, and I truly believe he has his beautiful spirit. 

* His passions include all things physical: outdoor play, running, jumping, climbing, sports, riding bicycles, playing super heroes, hide-and-seek, and pretending to be a police officer. 

* He gets enjoyment out of playing jokes on people, smacking mom's behind (I wonder where he got that from...), action-packed shows and movies, and any and all emergency vehicles that fly by our house at any given time of day, sirens blaring.

* He's my food and animal lover, my cuddler, me and big sister's defender from all-that-is-daddy, my inquisitive one - curious about all but quite hesitant nonetheless, he's a people-pleaser, and, last but definitely not least, he's also my fearless wonder.

* He's extremely easy to please; there's not much he doesn't like or care for. He has a deep love for his family, his siblings, his friends (don't let the wrestling and fighting fool you), his teachers, and his puppy (the nearly unrecognizable dog blankie he became attached to when he was a baby).

     Although he's only going to be 4 in a few short weeks, he's truly his own person already. I love, with all of my being, every little thing that makes him Benjamin and I feel truly blessed that I was given the role of being his mommy ❤

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  1. I guess for mothers every child is equal whether a girl or a boy. But maybe boys are more attached to their mothers and girls to their father.