Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Our Rustic Entryway Table


     I'm all about first impressions. I truly believe they're so important in our culture. So many of our own opinions and decisions are based on that one, instantaneous moment. However, that statement coming from me is a tad contradictory, considering I spend about 340 days a year in yoga pants and t-shirts. Go ahead, I'll wait, do the math...yes, that leaves maaaaaaybe 25 Saturdays a year that I actually put effort into my outfit, depending on the events of that given day. Judge all you want, it's fine...at least I'm comfy.

     So since I run a business from my home, I have a lot of people coming and going throughout the week. It may be for this reason, as well, that I put forth more effort in the appearance of my house compared to your average Joe. Considering I am a licensed and insured family child care provider, I'm also subjected to annual pop-in inspections, so a nice, clean, organized home is a must for our family and our livelihood. 

     I originally found this rustic entryway table in several pins on Pinterest. I fell in love and had to have it. With a little digging, I was able to locate the couple on Etsy. They make and sell these tables along with many other rustic pieces. They very kindly informed me that they were backed up, by several weeks, with several other customized orders, but there was no rush on my end so I submitted my order. This was back in November. They weren't kidding about the wait...nearly 4 months later and our beautiful table was finally delivered. I'd have to say that this was the only downfall to this particular seller, otherwise, they were very kind and timely in their communication. They also sent me updates and pictures throughout my wait. 

     Many of you have commented on my decorating skills, but I must be completely honest with you...it's all Pinterest <shhhhhh, there's no need to tell the world>. With this particular piece, I pinned several different Farmhouse entryway table set-ups, decided on the one I liked best, then attempted to replicate it the best I could:

* I found the wire basket at Target. 

* You already know how much I love decorative blankets, so I very nicely incorporated one of them and a throw pillow into the basket. 

* I have tons of framed pictures from our old house, so I selected a few that I thought looked best on the table.

* I found a lamp I loved at Pier 1.

* I found the galvanized milk jug and decorative rope knots on Zulily.

* Finally, I found the "hello" sign and cotton on Etsy. I think the cotton is my favorite part. I felt so Joanna Gaines-y when I added the cotton to the jug ha!

Super easy!! I love these kinds of things. If you or anyone you know needs help in replicating an idea, message me! I would love to help 😊

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  1. So cute... You were so cute in your childhood. But on your birthday talking about your personal life is not easy but you did so. That is amazing.