Thursday, March 2, 2017

Peaches & Petals Review February 2017

     Who doesn't love gifts? A nice surprise to open amidst a crazy week always makes one feel better, right? Along with my Kloverbox subscription, Peaches & Petals was the other box I subscribed to back in January, to treat myself. This actually reminds me of a funny story I have from when I was younger. 

     First of all, I love receiving presents. It's not about the item per se, it's more about the fact that someone put time, effort, and thought into picking something out for me or making something special they knew I'd like and enjoy...but when I was younger, it was a totally different story, let's get real. I spent 365 days a year dreaming, breathing, and thinking about Christmas and planning my wish list. Spoiled brat? Maybe a little. I was also an incredibly impatient child. I HAD TO KNOW what was wrapped, so beautifully for me, below that Christmas tree!! The anticipation would kill me. Throughout the month of December, my mom would wrap the gifts as she bought them and would place them beneath the tree. I think her intention, in doing it this way, was that if it was wrapped and under the tree, it was somehow considered "safe." If they weren't wrapped, then her daughters could potentially find their gifts and <gasp> ruin the surprise before the big day...oh mom, I was always one step ahead of you...

     I remember a distinct night in December, when I was 12. It was the night of my dad's holiday party for work and I was left to care for my little sister who was 8 at the time. "Be good, girls, and lock up behind us," they said as they kissed us goodbye and walked out the front door. No sooner had I snapped that lock in place than I raced over to the already-wrapped gifts, eyes wide with excitement. The only big ticket item I had asked for that year was a Discman and I knew that would most likely come from Santa, so I considered the other things I'd asked for...I had a very special doll back then, my Bitty Baby, whose name was Amanda*. Everything I'd asked for pretty much revolved around outfits and accessories for her so I was assuming that's what was in one of the boxes before me. I ever so carefully began pulling the tape away from the paper. This took serious precision. After what felt like an eternity, I was able to slide the box out of the wrapping, keeping the paper intact. Yes!!!! I was right! It was stuff for my doll. I opened the box and admired her new outfits and toys and then I very carefully put everything back into the box and slid the box back into the wrapping paper, replacing and securing the tape I had pulled away just minutes earlier. Whew! My heart was racing but now it was over and I would no longer die from anticipation.

     Thinking back on this story, I realize the only person I hurt, by opening my presents early, was myself. Christmas isn't about gifts and it most certainly isn't about secretly and greedily opening them weeks before the big day, it's about family and time spent together, it's laughing and good food and being thankful for all we have, especially each other. Now that I have children of my own, I also realize I stole the joy from my parents in witnessing my reaction to the treasures they'd chosen for me. Isn't that the best part of being a parent on Christmas morning? Witnessing the magic of Christmas through your children's eyes? I'm sorry Mom, I definitely learned my lesson.

*Yes, I'm fully aware I was 12 years old and still playing with dolls. Go ahead and laugh but it could've been worse, ya know...

Now, for the review:

Make your favorite sugar cookies or candy in this heart shaped pan complete with a designated spot for lollipop sticks! Just put the stick in, bake, and decorate for the perfect cookie pop.
*Love this! As most of you know by now, I love to bake so anything that can bring more creativity and fun to an already awesome activity, is perfect for me and my kiddos. They'll love cookie pops. I'll be sure to write a post and include pictures when we use this pan.
Spend a little time on you! Soak in the love with these amazing smelling bath bombs! Watch them dissolve and melt your cares away!
*My daughter and I love bath bombs, so this is a win-win for the Rollo girls. The bath bomb I received is a pretty blue and pink color and is called Blue Skies. It has a very fresh, clean laundry-like scent to it. Can't wait to use it!
Let's be stole all of our hearts from day one! It was true love at first bite! So with your next pizza rendezvous, add a cold beverage and use this adorable coaster to show the world how much you care!
*These are freaking adorable! It only came with two coasters, instead of four, which is my only complaint with careless children running about ha! I think I'll store these away until our sun room is complete. These'll add that perfect touch.

Stay warm and cozy without the bulk of a traditional scarf! Whether you are hitting the slopes on a skiing adventure, or just running errands on a cold day, this is the perfect accessory!

*Let's be real, I'm most certainly not hitting the slopes, but being from Tucson, anything to keep me warm during these cold, New England winters is a plus in my book! Love cute accessories like this one. It's definitely cozy!


Looking for quick, easy, and affordable ways to bring a little luxury and pampering into your life? This book has hundreds of wellness and beauty treatments to show yourself a little love!

*This is a really nice quality book. Then you throw in the words "affordable" and "pamper" and this momma is hooked. I have yet to use it, but I have skimmed through and  I look forward to treating myself.

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