Thursday, February 16, 2017

Our Harvest Table

  1. 1
    the process or period of gathering in crops.

    "helping with the harvest"

    synonyms:harvesting, reaping, picking, collecting
    "we all helped with the harvest"
    1. 1
      gather (a crop) as a harvest.

      "after harvesting, most of the crop is stored in large buildings"

      synonyms:gather (in), bring in, reappickcollect
      "he harvested the wheat"

           Clearly, as seen above, part of the meaning of the word harvest, is to gather. I've always wanted a place in my home for our family to come together to make memories, talk about our days, plan special events, have those important life discussions, complete homework, do arts and crafts, and enjoy meals. Being a young family of 5, with children who are active in multiple activities and a mom who needs to learn how to say "no" a little more often, our life is crazy hectic. We often don't get to eat breakfasts together in the mornings and we most certainly do not eat lunch as a family, so having one designated meal a day and a comfortable, welcoming place to gather where we're all free to share our feelings, stories, and opinions, was very important to me.

           When our real estate agent walked us through, what would eventually be our new home, for the first time and my eyes landed on our dining room, a huge smile slowly spread across my face as I realized I had found our gathering place. "A farm table will fit here perfectly," I thought to myself. As Ken was busy asking the important questions of a potential home buyer, I was secretly researching farm tables on my phone. I soon located a Connecticut business that specialized in farm tables. So over the course of the next 5 months, I helped the owners of the business design and build our table from scratch. Geoff, the owner of Chic & Antique LLC, collects abandoned and weathered wood from various farm locations throughout New England. I was able to choose the type and condition of the wood used, along with the stain and finish for the finished product. Geoff's wife and I designed the table's base, so it's unique structure is perfect for our family's needs and they even color-matched it to the paneling in our dining room. I decided on one bench rather than two, to leave optimal choices for varying seating preferences, so of course they also made a bench to match. I couldn't have been happier with their dedication, hard work, and communication. When I first laid eyes on my new table, it brought tears to my eyes. It was perfect!

           We've had the table for only a few short months, but so far it has truly served it's purpose. When I call the kids to dinner, it's always a race to see who can get to the table first; I've often found them hiding underneath during a competitive game of hide-and-seek; and when friends come to visit or business meetings have been had, people just tend to gravitate to it and it makes my heart so happy. My daughter often asks me why we bought such a big table when there's only 5 of us, "For more babies, mommy?" That always makes me giggle. So if you're ever in need of a listening ear, a good laugh, or a warm meal, always know there's an empty spot at our table awaiting you...

      ****definition came directly from Google search***

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