Sunday, February 26, 2017

Rollo Family General Store: Blanket Ladder

     As most of you should already know from my earlier posts, as soon as our offer was accepted on our new house, the wheels began spinning in my head. At that time, I lived and breathed Pinterest and interior decorating. Actually, who am I kidding? I still do, but that's not the point. As my list of ideas grew longer and longer, the dollar signs became bigger and bigger, so to accommodate my expensive taste and Joanna Gaines style, my husband decided to turn part of our basement into a workshop. With every purchase I made, delivered to our home, Ken would study and inspect each piece and set to work replicating it. 

     The rustic blanket ladder was one of my first purchases for our new house. I am a sucker for collecting a variety of cozy, decorative blankets. No matter the time of year, you can almost always find me cuddled beneath one with a good book or perusing Netflix or OnDemand. I wanted a creative, eye-catching way to display my blankets and while browsing Pinterest one day, I came across the idea of a blanket ladder. I quickly set to work locating a seller on Etsy that made ladders like the one I was envisioning in my head. I finally came across the perfect ladder. It cost me a total of $88 and that included shipping. Although I'm in love with the ladder I chose, Ken on the other hand, was not happy with the price, so he dedicated his time and efforts in creating his own blanket ladder. 

     Over the years, Ken has had many hobbies, including golfing, bowling, shooting, fishing, and now finally, wood-working. When he finds an interest in something, he most certainly puts his heart and soul into it. I never thought he'd ever find something he enjoys more than shooting and fishing, but he has proven me completely wrong. He has truly blown me away with his skill and craftsmanship. His blanket ladder is strikingly similar to the one I purchased from Etsy. It stands exactly 5ft tall and is made from Douglas fir wood with a dark walnut finish, but can be customized to your liking. This one is $45 with free local pick-up/delivery. 

     This is only the beginning of this new adventure for us. Our inventory is on the rise and once we have enough in stock, we plan to take our homemade treasures to local farmer's markets and craft fairs and maybe even take to Etsy ourselves. Keep your eyes out for other projects that I'll be posting to my blog upon their completion. He has some very unique and beautiful pieces he's currently working on. For local friends and followers, we plan to have various items available for sale, at our home on the weekends from Spring-Fall, so keep your eye out for our "Open" sign and when it's on display, feel free to stop on over and take a look. 

General Store Hours:
Saturday & Sunday: 9am-4pm (Spring - Fall; closed during the winter to re-stock inventory)
Available by phone, text, or private messages 24/7

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