Friday, April 21, 2017

A Farmhouse Living Room Makeover: Heather

     Heather and I go waaaaaaay back; practically to the birth of our daughters. We met through a Connecticut Mommy Group and, here we are, nearly 7 years later, still really good friends. A couple of years ago, Heather and her family purchased a farm up in Pittsfield, Maine and she's been anxiously awaiting the day she would give their beautiful farmhouse an interior face lift. The house was built in 1969 with the good ol' wood paneling throughout. Heather reached out to me shortly after I started my blog looking for insight and just an extra set of eyes as she began her farmhouse makeover. 

     Heather decided to start with their living room. Before the makeover, there was barely anything on the walls, and what was there had no meaning to Heather or her family. The beautiful, bright room was made dark by the brown couch and dark wood furniture. Speaking of the furniture, it somewhat clashed with the gorgeous wood floors. I was excited to help Heather brighten and freshen up this space.

     She began by purchasing a light, super comfy rug to break up the brown of the couches and the floors. She re-faced the coffee table and two side tables with chalk paint and some distressing. She then turned her attention to the walls. Something you should know about Heather is the fact that she's super crafty; a trait of her's I totally envy. Here I am over here perusing Etsy, spending a small fortune, and waiting several weeks for my newest treasures and Heather, on the other hand, decides what she wants and whips it up that day lol!

     She really wanted a picture in the living room of her favorite pig from their farm, so she set about having that made. While awaiting her pig canvas, she set to work making her very own quilt square and wooden, rustic sign that reads: "Always stay humble and kind." She added a rustic shelf and a few other similar knick knacks and then moved on to the TV stand. She repainted the black stand to lighten the space even more. She then set to work removing the clutter and adding a backing to the shelf unit. She put great thought into the detail of the items she put back on the shelves (painting wooden eggs to match those of her very own chickens); so beautiful and meaningful. I'm in love with her "new" living room space. 

     Believe it or not, this room makeover cost Heather less than $500! The biggest splurge in the room was the carpet that retailed for $299 (which was actually a Christmas present), so under $200 for the remaining changes, purchases, and DIY details. Heather has proven to us all that a nice change in your home doesn't have to break the bank.

     Continue to follow Heather's journey, here on my blog, as she  continues throughout her farmhouse giving it a new and amazing look...what room will she choose next?

Find out more about her and her husband's farm here:

     If you or someone you know is considering making over a room in your house or are gutsy enough to take on your whole home, I'd love to be apart of it. Near or far, I love this stuff and would be happy to help, give my opinions, or just be another set of eyes on this adventure together.

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