Monday, April 17, 2017

Our Coffee Bar


     If you don't know by now, coffee is an integral part of our lives. People and things that are important to Ken and I, deserve their own, special place in our home (for instance, our children have their own rooms)...also hence, The Coffee Bar ha.

     We knew, prior to moving into our new home, that a Coffee Bar was a, in truth, it was NEED. The majority of our friends and loved ones are also big coffee drinkers so the Coffee Bar was a win-win, in my opinion. 

     A part of our new home that has not made an appearance on the blog thus far is our beautiful sunroom. Right now the space serves as a playroom for my littles and the State-approved daycare space for my daycare children, but I'm slowly working on dividing the room into 1. a relaxing, non-media family room and 2. a mudroom; both spaces will still continue to serve my daycare families. 

     The first project,that I quickly made a priority in this room transformation, was The Coffee Bar. I researched many different ideas on Pinterest and came across one that I loved and knew would work best for us. Finding all of the small, perfect details proved to be rather easy (the "R" for Rollo, the rustic Coffee Bar sign, a cinnamon bun candle, baskets, etc) but the actual Coffee Bar itself? Well...that was another story and took me several months of searching. Thank goodness for my patience, because I'm truly so happy with the piece we finally found. 

     This piece is originally from Canada, where it was pieced together from pallet wood; old, salvaged wood; recycled doors; and, finally, vintage church windows:

     "Bookcase sides are made with a recycled door bottom.  It has one fixed shelf made from salvaged wood.  The sides have been left their original chippy colours and the top is made from pallet wood (maple) and painted a combination of colours for a soft beach/cottage style.  The drawer pulls are reclaimed brass handles removed from chaple windows."

     There was a post circulating around FB a couple of months ago in regards to depression and the words written in that post couldn't be any more true when it comes to me and my home:

     "My door is always open, the coffee pot is always on, and my sofa is always warm and a place of peace and non-judgement. You are welcome anytime..."