Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I'll Show You What Makes Me Happy

     Soooo...I have even more exciting blogger news for you. I have recently teamed up with some other amazing bloggers and once a month we all come together for a collaborative link-up. Each month there will be a different topic up for discussion and this month we're talking about the things that make us happy. So, without further ado...

     Things that make me happy? Such a loaded question when I sit down and truly think about it. My answer can go one of two ways: selfishly or thought-provokingly? Is that even a word?

The easy answer to this is something along the lines of:

  1. makes everybody happy, doesn't it?
  2. Coffee, because coffee definitely makes an exhausted mother of three super happy...and gives me a huge burst of energy which is important too.
  3. definitely makes me happy. About 99.9% of the time I certainly don't buy anything for myself, but that's not the point! Retail therapy always helps lift the spirits ha!
  4. Food...any food really, but sweet food, especially chocolate!! Yeah, chocolate definitely makes me happy.
  5. Sleeping in = DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY! 
  6. Mani/pedis! I often don't do things for myself but a relaxing mani/pedi most certainly doesn't make me sad...
  7. Vacations...who doesn't love vacations? Have you ever seen someone miserable on a vacation? I didn't think so...

     However, after sitting down and really thinking about it, I wasn't truly happy (coincidence? I think not ha) with my answer. Sure, all of the above do make me happy, but do you want to know what truly makes me happier than anything I typed above?

  1. My beautiful babies' huge grins first thing in the morning and their sweet, contagious laughter throughout the day. Their genuine happiness and the fact that I'm blessed enough to witness it, makes me overjoyed!
  2. A good, clean bill of health from our doctors and pediatrician means we're blessed to see another day. In the grand scheme of things, there really are not many days in one's lifetime, so being gifted another one with my family makes me feel happy and oh so blessed.
  3. A clean and organized house makes me happy (and sane). It means we have a home to clean and organize. Having a home to call our own, to grow in, to make memories in, to make messes in, to learn in, and to love in...makes me happy.
  4. Loving, caring, and loyal people in our lives and by our side...makes me happy. 

     Sometimes I have to remind myself of the hidden gems in my life. It's not the material things we own, it's not the money in our bank accounts, it's not the size of our home, or the amount of acquaintances in my life. It's the true, genuine friendships. It's good, healthy food in my belly. It's a roof over my head. It's clean clothes on my back. It's a happy and healthy family ❤️ With these things I'm the happiest, richest person in the world!


  1. Awesome!!! keeping healthy snacks available and within reach of your kids is perfect. Mostly kids are towards junk when they are having that little hunger but if you give them healthy options they will eventually start eating them.

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