Thursday, April 20, 2017

Peaches & Petals Review March 2017

1. Yes to Cucumbers: soothing, sensitive skin, gentle milk cleanser. Yes to soy proteins and green tea for a moisturizing cleanse that won't strip skin.

*LOVE LOVE LOVE this so much! My skin is so sensitive. This cleanser is incredibly gentle and does not dry out my skin. There's even the slightest hint of a cucumber scent leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to start your day! 

2. Janis & Melanie Vanilla Wafers; USDA organic. Simple Ingredients Family Favorite.

*These were a huge hit with my kiddos. A nice after-school snack or throw a few into a baggie while we are out and about. They're very similar to Nilla Wafers. Personally, I prefer the taste of these J&M Wafers over Nilla. Super light, healthy snack that everyone can enjoy.

3. Sprigs Carry-All Belt in purple. Easy adjustable belt. Three pouches store valuables, hands-free.

*I'm not even going to lie. I died laughing when I pulled this lovely little thing out of the box. People, it's a fanny pack no matter what the packaging says it is ha! Although I love purple, it's not really something I'd get any use out of...then it dawned on me...I always struggle with a place to put my phone, license, money, etc when running = BAM! This pouch is small, stretchy, and can easily be hidden when worn. I have yet to use it but will let you know what I think after I have.

4. DCWV Lifebök. Daily Dose Journal. 7.5in x 9in. 36 sheets.

*I looooove a cute journal!! I may not always have time to sit down and jot down my thoughts, but this thing is so adorable that I'll make sure to find the time lol. Each page has different designs and decor and it's super bright and colorful! Just opening it up makes me feel super cheerful :)

5. Hello Breath Spray; Mojito Mint. Naturally friendly. 0.24 fl oz us/7 mL 

*I love this little guy! He fits right into my handbag/diaper bag and it's a refreshing replacement to gum or mints when I'm out of both of those items. Considering I love coffee and with three kiddos, don't always have the time to brush my teeth (ha just kidding...or am I?)...a little, refreshing spritz and good to go! 

     Several of you have reached out over the past few weeks and have informed me that you too have begun your search for the perfect box subscription for YOU. I love it! My boxes are fun, sweet surprises amidst a crazy, busy life and most of them are filled with little treats JUST FOR ME! I'd love to hear more about the boxes you chose and some of the treats you've received! Send pictures and details my way :)

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  1. This redecoration looks beautiful and much more fitting with modern aesthetics and loads of the pieces you guys put together as so easily diyable it is amazing.